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California Assocation of Progressive Rental Organizations

insuring the future

The California Rental Dealers must stand organized and united. Recent national and local issues demand that our industry be organized and ready to prevent intrusions on our industry, our businesses and our livelihood, especially in the large state of California.
Historically, what occurs in California will affect the rest of the nation and vice-versa. Not having an organization leaves us vulnerable to the State and Local Legislatures dictating how we as an industry conduct business without our input. Right now we have no voice, no power, and no protections. Our businesses can no longer allow this to continue. We need this organization to represent Californian Dealers as a whole, to provide a unified voice for our industry. As a small local dealer, I can't think of anything more important. I want to be informed and ready for anything that might occur.
Most of you reading this may think, "Why do we need an association, when we already operate under the most stringent laws in the country?" The answer to this is found within the question itself. Reflect back to when the laws were enacted. At that time California didn't have any organization, strength, or unity and because of this we are required to abide by these laws in order to transact business in California. This is why we need an association. Remember, Legislators do not ask for our permission to pass laws, they just do it. This is why we need a strong association in our state. We can not assume that we are protected by our current legislation. Take action now and protect our businesses and livelihood. I urge you to become an active member of CAL-APRO.
To learn more about the benefits of CAL-APRO membership or how to apply for membership to CAL-APRO, please use the links listed below
Paul M. Davis
membership benefits
1. Members of this association have at their disposal:
- Copies of legal, full disclosure rental agreements
- Copies of the current California Rental Act
- Copies of Fair Collection Practices and Procedures
- Surveys and results
- Facts and information of current legislation and tax laws
- Facts and information of current industry laws
2. Your voice in the legislative process is heard through:
- The combined force of rental dealers from across the state
- Voicing your opinion on the floor of the general assembly at conventions and seminars formulating CAL-APRO policy
3. A source for information in bookkeeping procedures including:
- Preparing financial reports for bankers
- Depreciation concerns
- Taxes
4. A source for information relating to legal issues including:
- Compliance with California Rental Purchase Act
- State and federal collection laws
- State and federal tax laws
5. General information and educational opportunities including:
- Sharing advice and experiences
- Introduction to manufacturers who support our industry
- Liaison to the national association, Association of Progressive Rental Organizations
- Educational seminars to enhance employee productivity
- Monthly Association Updates
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